Amnesty International report on human rights in Turkey

On 26 April 2018, Amnesty International published a report entitled: ‘Weathering the Storm: Defending Human Rights in Turkey’s Climate of Fear.’​

According to the report, more than 107 000 civil servants have been fired, more than 50 000 civilians jailed and more than 180 media outlets closed down, as well as more than 1 300 associations and foundations.​

This specific report describes, in detail and on the basis of witnesses’ testimonies, the arbitrary detentions, abusive prosecutions based on anti-terrorism laws, the emergency laws used to close down NGOs, the threats, smear campaigns and intimidation employed to silence dissidents.​

It also describes the tragic predicament of the Kurds in the south-eastern provinces of Turkey. Indeed, even talking about the human rights of the Kurds in Turkey is a hazardous undertaking.​

Will the Commission say:​
Taking into account the situation described in this report, does it consider that Turkey is a State that has a place in the EU?​
What is its view of the human rights situation of the Kurds in Turkey?