Critical shortage of teachers at the Greek schools in Palestine

One of the major problems faced by the Patriarchate of Jerusalem is the very real danger that the Greek schools in Palestine (for which it is responsible) will fall into terminal decline, as most of them function only partially, since they lack sufficient teaching staff and the necessary financial resources to enable them to continue.

The lack of substantive incentives and the difficult geopolitical conditions prevailing in the region have had the effect of discouraging Greek teachers from filling vacancies; as a result, the future of the teaching of the Greek language to Arabic-speaking pupils attending these schools is now uncertain.

The Patriarchal School on Mount Zion is also facing problems, as human resources are becoming increasingly depleted.

In view of the above, will the Commission say:

  • What does it intend to do in practical terms to support the Patriarchate of Jerusalem and to enhance the smooth functioning of Greek schools in the region?
  • Can it provide incentives for teachers wishing to work at these schools in Jerusalem?