Illegal privatisations by the occupying authorities in Cyprus​

The self-styled ‘state’ of northern Cyprus has decided to privatise the port of Kyrenia in the occupied territories. According to Turkish Cypriot press reports, the minister for tourism and the environment of the self-styled ‘state’, Fikri Ataoğlu, has announced that the bidding process for the privatisation of the port of Kyrenia will begin shortly.​

This act is illegal and violates the rules of international law because the occupied territories are the property of the legitimate Republic of Cyprus and not of the illegal authorities of the occupied territories.​

The port of Kyrenia has been under Turkish occupation since 1974 and it was declared closed to all shipping in the interests of the Republic by Regulatory Administrative Act No 265 of 1974, which was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus (No 1139 of 4 October 1974).​

Will the Commission say:​
What action does it intend to take to prevent yet another instance of the property of the Republic of Cyprus being illegally sold off?​
Does it intend to discontinue Community funding for the occupied territories?