Insurmountable barriers to daily travel for people with disabilities

Despite undeniable progress regarding the social inclusion of those with disabilities, much still remains to be done in the public transport sector, as evidenced by the accounts of those unable to travel by bus since no ramps are provided, forcing them to take taxis.

Furthermore, while the OECD website indicates that buses adapted to the needs of those with disabilities have been introduced, it is being reported that many of our fellow citizens have found themselves unable to make use of them owing to lack of availability. However, transport by bus is not the only problem area. In many cases, access to underground services are is also hampered by the absence of lifts designed with wheelchair users in mind.

In short, measures are clearly needed to make public transport services accessible to all.

In view of this:

  • Can the Commission say what EU funding is available for the purpose of equipping buses with the necessary boarding ramps?
  • What EU funding is available for the purpose of making the necessary infrastructural changes to underground transport services?
  • What is the degree of accessibility for those with disabilities in Greece compared with the rest of the EU?