Irresponsible and provocative behaviour by Turkish fishermen fishing in the sea off Alexandroupolis

Fishing Boats in the Marmara Sea

According to media reports, Turkish fishermen in the Thracian Sea are behaving in an increasingly provocative and irresponsible manner, violating Greek territorial waters on a daily basis in order to fish. So far the competent Greek authorities have failed to respond.​

As the fishermen of Alexandroupolis complain, Turkish fishermen have become so bold and provocative that that they violate Greek territorial waters not only in the area of the rocky island of Zourafa, as they have done for many years, but even at a distance of only a few kilometres off coast of the Prefecture of Evros.​

The problem is particularly serious, since not do they directly violate Greek national sovereignty, but they are also inflicting heavy financial losses on Thracian fishermen.​

Moreover, if the patience of the Greek authorities snaps and they respond at some point, a serious incident will result.​

Will the Commission say:​
Does it consider that the violations by Turkish fishermen, incited by the Turkish government, are in the spirit of international law and good neighbourly relations?​
Will it make recommendations to Turkey to stop the violations by Turkish fishermen?​
What position will the EU adopt if a serious incident erupts between Greece and Turkey?