45 000 children at risk of being removed from early childhood centres

Some 850 early childhood centres, which provide hosting services to 45 000 children and give work to 15 000 employees, are faced with the risk of being closed down. This is mainly because early childhood centres have not received the funds destined to them under the NSRF: ‘Harmonising family and professional lives 2015-2016’. As a result those early childhood centres will be unable to cover their operating expenses. In addition, early childhood centres are understaffed and do not operate properly as there has been zero hiring of childcaretakers.

The Commission is asked:

Is it aware of the above?
Why does it not pressure the Greek Government to pay, as it should and is provided for, the NSRF funds that the European Union has made available to Greece?
What other steps does it propose to take to protect the children and employees at early childhood centres?