A Message for the Year 2019

In just a few days’ time, one more year will have become a fading memory for most of our compatriots. They will try and consign to oblivion the painful consequences of the actions of the establishment. For us nationalists, however, things are quite different. We are not divorced from reality nor do we bury our heads in the sand, saying, “The old year is gone; Happy New Year, people! Come on, this is a party—eat, drink, and be merry!”

There is still a mortal danger to what we stand for, protect and defend. We have seen it over the past year, as well: It is the brutal and frenzied attack launched by the domestic servants of globalisation against all the pillars that support the existence of our State and guarantee the survival and perpetuation of our Nation.

The efforts to destroy religion, education, the family; to wreck the economy, health care, defence and security of our country; the economic depravity of Greek people; the confiscation of property and especially homes; the servile and phobic behaviour shown towards all of our neighbours by the people in government AND those who pretend to be in opposition; their commitment to have illegal immigrants permanently settle in our country; and, finally, the treasonous ceding of the name of our Macedonia to Skopje: These are not just statistical data; they formulate the objective goals that we must comprehend in the coming year so that we can set our country free.

2019 is a year when the international events will be crucial to the survival of our nation. At a pan-European level, the nations are beginning to drag themselves out of the lethargy globalisation has sunk them into, presenting them with a duality of neoliberalism and socialism. People will defiantly defend their national identity and the right to prevent their racial extinction. We, the Greek nationalists, will carry on the same struggle with an unimpeded intensity and vigour until our final victory. Undoubtedly, our struggle will continue to be unequal, yet fierce and ceaseless—and, ultimately, triumphant.

Our Lord God, eternal Protector and Helper of the Greek Nation, has kept the Golden Dawn Nationalists alive and strong, despite the persecutions they have suffered; we are determined to halt the decline of Greece and its fall into the abyss of destruction.

Conscious of the duty and responsibility we have towards our Homeland and people, we will keep striving to awake all the Greeks, so that they can see the extent of the danger and finally realise that they have to react—and decide that, above all, they have to muster their national dignity and reclaim what they have been forcibly and unfairly deprived of.

The safest way to make this happen, the one-way street if you will, is to strengthen Golden Dawn in this year’s elections that will mark, among other things, the end of the modern-day political ethnocidal establishment. Our ancient ancestors would say, “Be courageous.” We, their modern descendants, need to show courage, so as to take the parties of corruption and treason to the waste dump of political history and throw off the yoke we have tolerated to carry since the regime change till nowadays.

The arrival of the New Year has raised a lot of hopes for reversing the appalling state our country has gone into during the last five decades. We now have the responsibility and the opportunity to make these hopes come true.

Wholeheartedly, I wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year that will bring along the fulfilment of your aspirations and ambitions.

Georgios Epitideios
Retired Army Lieutenant General
Member of the European Parliament
for the Popular Association “Golden Dawn”