The ND Convention and Manfred Weber

The ND Convention made us become spectators of the same old show again. The main opposition party that usually turns into a colourless, odourless, tasteless and lustreless political lump after each election and then hibernates for a three-year period is now trying to come across as fully awakened because the election campaign has practically started.

With a remarkable consistency, it has been using the motto of Stoic philosopher Epictetus, “Bear and forbear,” albeit misconstrued, while unprotestingly putting up with the maelstrom of the governmental onslaught against all the pillars of our Nation and State. Look at the economy, health care, education, religion, national defence, illegal migration, servility and submissiveness regarding all our national issues and towards all of our neighbours, the seizure of the savings of the Greeks, their homes, with non-performing loans, the abasement and degradation of everything, the dismantlement of society by the coalition government of SYRIZA and ANEL.

Sunk into its typical apathy, New Democracy watched the government train pass, and avoided to even invoke its institutional role as the main opposition party. No reaction, not even a promise that something at least would be changed! But really, what would the systemic counterparts of the governmental partners ever change, being bound as they are by the MoUs that they also have signed? Won’t they have the mosque built? Will they abolish homosexual marriage? Will they forbid the adoption of children by gay couples? Will they stop the flow of illegal migrants, will they maintain their dignity and show determination in the face of provocation coming from our neighbours? No way. The only important statement by Mr Mitsotakis shortly after his election as President of New Democracy was to label nationalism as “the enemy” and wage war against it.

However, now that the elections are approaching, ND and, of course, its president have become rather talkative. They made a counterattack and promised everything to everybody. The ND president, pulling former prime ministers Karamanlis and Samaras out of the drawer where they had been tucked away, is trying to awaken the patriotic conscience of the Greeks. Thinking that their memory is short, and as if all else were not enough, he has recently re-introduced himself: as a Macedonian Warrior this time, hoping that his previous stance on this serious national issue will be forgotten. Does Mr Mitsotakis hope that the Greeks do not remember that his party was the first to propose a compound name for Skopje [i.e. one that would include the term “Macedonia”]? That he had instructed his party executives to prevent ND members and voters from taking part in the mass demonstration in Thessaloniki? That in order to show his “concern” about the Skopjan issue, he preferred to be in Corinthia instead and go skiing on the day of the demonstration? Lies have short legs, though, and he will soon find out how true this proverb is.

Manfred Weber at the ND Convention

In order to give a certain prestige to the ND Convention, but also to promote himself, he invited Manfred Weber, president of the EP European People’s Party, where New Democracy belongs to. Weber is a candidate for the office of the President of the European Commission to replace Jean-Claude Juncker. He is a tough globaliser, a man of the EU’s leading elite and a follower of reforms that will utterly change and deteriorate the European Union as we know it.

Whenever he spoke at the European Parliament, he advocated the abolition of states, their degrading into provinces, and the transformation of Europe into a Federation of Regions, pretty much in the model of Germany. He also supports the abolition of the principle of unanimity; decision-making in the EU would then take place with a strengthened majority on major issues. He characteristically said that “only those who want and who can will move forward.”

As you can see, if the principle of unanimity was abolished in the decision-making process, the right of veto would be abolished as well. This would deprive small states of their biggest political weapon. Their political power within the EU would be degraded. At the same time, a two- or three-speed Europe would be established. What’s more, Weber criticised our country quite harshly, arguing in favour of Grexit. He even said that the austerity measures taken by the Greek government should have been tougher.

Of course, as a true politician, Weber is now smoothing his words as the European elections are coming closer and he is expressing views that are quite different from what he used to advocate in the recent past. Thus, although he has declared that he does not wish to become the President of the European Commission with the votes of the far right, he is now not hesitating to argue that in a future United Europe the states will be the ones to make decisions.

He kept the same attitude during his speech at the ND Convention. He mentioned the need to tackle illegal migration, to guard borders, to safeguard Europe, to preserve and protect its values and principles. He also referred to “unity amongst the Europeans,” the preservation of the European identity and the protection of citizens by the State. He also said that there should be no second- or third-class Europeans and that nations should be strong in a strong Europe. Finally, he praised Greece as a very beautiful country and complimented Mr Mitsotakis, which is perfectly normal given that the ND President is likely to become the next prime minister of Greece, and Weber needs to have the votes of the Heads of State (Presidents and Prime Ministers) in order to be elected.

Based on the above, you must have surely observed—and rightly so—that you are witnessing an Ovidian metamorphosis. But, as our ancient ancestors would say, “When death comes near, no-one is willing to die” (no politician in this case).

What the Greek Patriots Need to Bear in Mind

I mentioned Weber’s case as absolutely typical of both the mentality shared by his ND ideological partners and the policy that they are going to follow until the elections. It has now become clear that Greece, a country that has been afflicted harder than any other by the plight of the MoUs voted by the PASOK, ND and SYRIZA-ANEL administrations, is where the rise of patriotic parties will be most impressive. This certainty has panicked the parties of the establishment and especially ND that over the years has maintained an opportunistic attitude towards all the problems the average Greek is fraught with, and consequently it is neither the rival awe for the coalition in power nor an attractive option to handle the situation. There is only one way left for ND to follow: to mislead the patriots once again. ND will abandon any reference to liberalism, “liberal democracy” and the shifting towards the centre for reclaiming the middle space. It will appear to be ultra-patriotic and will be begging to get the vote of the patriots. Consequently, they must be prepared and determined not to allow themselves to be cheated again by the party that has repeatedly betrayed the ideals and principles of patriotism; they should dynamically support Golden Dawn, the only force that has been resisting vigorously so as to halt the decline and destruction of our Homeland and Nation.

Contriving the Defamation and Persecution of Nationalists

The international establishment is in panic because of the obvious rise of nationalism across Europe. Its balance of thought is disturbed and pushed into absurdity. The European systemic parties are pointing out that the nationalists are allies of Russia and Putin, and for that reason Russia will supposedly use a number of methods to manipulate the European elections. They claim that this will be done in order to promote the extreme right and instigate an institutional crisis in the event that neither the European People’s Party (EPP) nor the Socialists have an outright majority.

To prevent this, they are planning to impose a check on bank accounts in order to create financial problems for nationalist parties (does this fancy idea ring a bell?), shut down “suspect” websites and deny media coverage to views that express “hate” and “xenophobia.” I do not know if any country will ever dare implement such measures. We must, however, be prepared to face any attempt to abolish our individual freedoms and violate the principles of the rule of law. We should be keeping the people constantly informed so that any such action may boomerang against the scheming of the domestic establishment.

The leftists are also expressing their fear of a potential conservative and far-right alliance. This reasoning “explains” the effort of all liberal parties in Europe to adopt patriotic positions only in the pre-election period, so as to tempt some “useful idiot.”

Finally—and to close this article in a cheerful tone—let me inform you that the left-wingers, in the context of their anti-nationalist obsession and fixation, have called Agnes Hubert to arms! She is a founding member of a gender equality NGO called “Gender 5 plus.” This lady, nothing more nothing less, claims that the rise of the far right is undermining gender equality because the nationalist parties are male-dominated and anti-feminist! Well, our objective should probably be to attract women at all costs, I suppose. Is this the real reason why ND has recently welcomed Tatsopoulos [a self-proclaimed heartbreaker] to join its ranks, do you think?

Georgios Epitideios
Retired Army Lieutenant General
Member of the European Parliament
for the Popular Association “Golden Dawn”